About Us


The name, Blathanna was inspired by my love for the Irish language and everything about Ireland. I have worked with flowers for all kinds of events throughout New England for the past two years. And was feeling that I needed my own something, just didn't know what that was. While we were in Ireland I sought out what was tugging on my heart. It didn't take long for the answer. Blathanna is my forever souvenir.


Every flower is chosen and placed with thought. Blathanna specializes in floral design for weddings, rehearsal dinners and special occasions held throughout New England. Our thoughtfully selected flowers convey your personal aesthetic while creating an unforgettable moment everyone can enjoy. We find inspiration absolutely everywhere, sourcing the freshest flowers from around the world.

"Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower."  John Harrigan


Liz Reilly comes from a long line of women who sought beauty, therapy, and pleasure in doing what they love.  Her love of gardening came from both of her grandmothers. Her experiences working with plants started with her first job as a young teenager on a farm. There she learned how to grow flowers and plants of all kinds. And looks forward to following the footsteps of her grandmothers in sharing her passion and love of flowers with her six children and loving husband.